Ongoing investment in workforce skills

Through our many programs, we aim to provide opportunities for developing workforce skills for now and the future. Whether it be through primary school, higher education or neurodiversity programs, we are building courses, creating jobs and changing the way people think and work.

We are proud to be working with neurodiversity programs to create roles for people with specific skills who previously were thought to be unemployable.

Our customers also experience benefits from these programs with improved IT support and alternative points of view.

Rewards of change.

Change in action


Tertiary students hired through the
DXC Australia and New Zealand Graduate Program


Australia and New Zealand school students participated in the DXC Codes Challenge in 2018


Roles created for neurodiverse individuals and a further 22 participated in work experience


Neurodiversity hubs in Australian


Projects undertaken by the
Digital Transformation Centres in Australia and New Zealand


Students taken part in internships across
universities in Australia

Awards and recognition