Digital transformation is a challenging journey for organizations globally. Many have dipped their feet in the digital transformation pool, but still have not dived deeply enough to fully understand the benefits of the digital era.

In this webinar, Meredith Whalen, Senior Vice President of IDC Worldwide Digital Transformation Research and Michael Fitzgerald, Vice President for Digital Strategy and Transformation, share their perspectives on the matter and offer a blueprint on how companies can develop a solid digital transformation strategy.

The webinar is split into 3 sections, with each presenter looking at the challenges and opportunities a digital transformation journey will bring:

  • Section 1 — Meredith Whalen from IDC will deliver a presentation titled “A Real-World View on Leaders, Laggards and Learnings”.

  • Section 2 —Michael Fitzgerald from DXC will deliver a presentation titled “DXC Digital Transformation: How to enable continuous change”.

  • Section 3 — Meredith and Michael will discuss the “Digital Transformation Journey: what organizations want to do, how to think it through and how to get it done”. Learn how to embrace digital transformation and use real life case studies to help make it relevant to you.

Register now to learn the key elements and essentials steps on this journey — from adopting new technologies, to making the cultural change and opening up to new collaborations — that help organizations transform successfully and gain competitive advantage on today’s disrupted global market.

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Merideth Whalen, IDC

Meredith Whalen
Senior Vice President, IDC Worldwide Digital Transformation Research

Meredith Whalen is a Senior Vice President of research at IDC. She is the executive lead for IDC’s digital transformation practice, where she and her global team of analysts provide research and advisory services to empower business transformation for the Global 2000. She has identified and written about the digital deadlock that organizations face in their transformation and the ways the digitally determined are overcoming these challenges. Meredith is the architect of IDC’s DecisonScapes, a portfolio of decision-making methodologies that enable professionals to better plan, deploy and optimize their technology initiatives.


Michael Fitzgerald, DXC

Michael Fitzgerald
Vice President, Digital Strategy and Transformation, DXC Technology

Michael Fitzgerald is VP for Digital Strategy and Transformation at DXC. He has led the design and deployment of DXC’s Digital Transformation Blueprint. The Blueprint is an adaptable playbook for any Enterprise to link together and signpost techniques, solutions, working practice and expertise inside and across its ecosystem to address ‘how to’ tackle and thrive on continuous digital change. Change that is introduced whilst evolving the operating model and culture at the same time.

Michael has an extensive track record of leading transformation design, execution and turnaround situations at scale. He has set up and led a number of international transformation practices to deliver business and IT change — most recently DXC’s Digital Strategy and Transformation Practice.



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